Eno Board Training Videoes

Submitted 4/17/2014 in Announcements

Hello educators,

If you use an ēno board for instruction, you may find these training videos useful. They were made in Mary Adley's room on April 14 at a training session conducted by Amber Lane, our rep for ēno/Steelcase (they are now the same company she reports).

In Part 1, Amber explains how to set up your laptop display so that it is compatible with the LCD projector you are using with an ēno board. She also shows what it looks like when that is not set up correctly. There are more basics about using the stylus, the magnetic tool strip, other ways to access the tools, use of the keyboard tool, and how to save images.

In Part 2, Amber shares websites with useful teaching resources for all content areas. We see Katie Hall demonstrating as Amber leads her through various uses of the eno board.

Google Training Site

Submitted 3/5/2013 in FAQs

This site is made for educators who wish to learn more about Google Apps. http://edutraining.googleapps.com/Training-Home

December 5th Technology Training - Google Forms ( and auto graded quizzes)

Submitted 12/6/2012 in FAQs

To view the training that Scott Hall gace on December 5th at CCS, please click here.

At this training we went over how to create a Google Form, and how it can be used as an online quiz. We also went over how to addon Flubaroo. Flubaroo is an addon for Forms that can grade the students' answers and if you have their emails collected when the take the quiz, email them the results. For more information on Flubaroo please visit our FAQ

Google Forms and Auto Corrected Quizzes

Submitted 12/5/2012 in FAQs


Making a Google Form into a Auto Correcting Quiz

December 5th, 2012

Google Forms in a fantastic tool in the Google Docs suite that allow you to easily create an online survey or questionnaire. Something else that it can do with the help of an script called Flubaroo is become a quiz for students to take, and have Google grade it for you. This document will outline the steps to make a Google Form into a Auto Correcting Quiz. For instructions on how to create a Google Form please see: http://support.google.com/drive/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=87809

Flubaroo is the name of the addon for Google Forms that we will be using for Corrected Quizzes. As they are updating their system on a regular basis, and have a wonderful guide for how to use Flubaroo with Forms, I have the link below that will take you directly there.


November 7th Afterschool Workshop

Submitted 11/27/2012 in FAQs

Uploading Files to Google Drive/Docs

Submitted 11/7/2012 in FAQs


Please go here for the instructions on uploading files to Google Drive/Docs

Creating/Using Folder in GMail

Submitted 11/7/2012 in FAQs

To create folders in GMail select the checkbox next to an email that you wish to move into a folder. At the top click on the image that looks like a folder and select "Create New". Put in the name of the folder and click on the "Create" button and the folder is now created, with the email that you selected in it.



To move emails into the folders that you have created you have three options:

Option 1: Drag the email into the folder when you are looking at your list of emails.

Option 2: Select the checkboxes of the emails that you would like to move and at the top of the window select the image of the folder and select the folder that you wish to move the email(s) into.

Option 3: While reading the email at the top of the window select the image of the folder and select the folder that you wish to move the email(s) into.


October 3rd Training

Submitted 10/9/2012 in FAQs

On October 3rd I recorded the workshop that I gave. To view the video please go to: October 3rd Video

You will have to log into your Google Account if you are not already.

Please let us know if you have any questions by putting in a ticket.

Google Docs - Upload & Sharing

Submitted 9/20/2012 in FAQs


We have had many questions this year about using Google Docs, which is fantastic. Since we are now using GMail you all now have access to Google Docs by going to (amongst many other ways) http://docs.carrabec.org
One question that we have had a lot of is if documents that you have created on your computer can be uploaded toGoogle Docs. You can upload almost any document that you have on your computer to Google Docs for easy sharing and editing. Google can take Pages, Office Documents(MS, Open, Libre, etc), Spreadsheets(MS, Open, Libre, etc), Presentations (MS, Open, Libre, etc), and many other formats that you are using and convert them. 
To learn more on uploading file into Google Docs please go here 
To learn more about sharing a Google Doc please go here
Thank you and I hope that you all have a wonderful day.