Eno Board Training Videoes

Submitted 4/17/2014 by Scott Hall

Hello educators,

If you use an ēno board for instruction, you may find these training videos useful. They were made in Mary Adley's room on April 14 at a training session conducted by Amber Lane, our rep for ēno/Steelcase (they are now the same company she reports).

In Part 1, Amber explains how to set up your laptop display so that it is compatible with the LCD projector you are using with an ēno board. She also shows what it looks like when that is not set up correctly. There are more basics about using the stylus, the magnetic tool strip, other ways to access the tools, use of the keyboard tool, and how to save images.

In Part 2, Amber shares websites with useful teaching resources for all content areas. We see Katie Hall demonstrating as Amber leads her through various uses of the eno board.