Google Forms and Auto Corrected Quizzes

Submitted 12/5/2012 by Scott Hall


Making a Google Form into a Auto Correcting Quiz

December 5th, 2012

Google Forms in a fantastic tool in the Google Docs suite that allow you to easily create an online survey or questionnaire. Something else that it can do with the help of an script called Flubaroo is become a quiz for students to take, and have Google grade it for you. This document will outline the steps to make a Google Form into a Auto Correcting Quiz. For instructions on how to create a Google Form please see:

Flubaroo is the name of the addon for Google Forms that we will be using for Corrected Quizzes. As they are updating their system on a regular basis, and have a wonderful guide for how to use Flubaroo with Forms, I have the link below that will take you directly there.