Changing the Default Program on Windows 10

Submitted 1/29/2020 by Tom Callahan

Easy as pie =)
Just follow these steps (& see the attached pics if needed):

1) right/two-finger-click on an .stl file

2) choose "Open with >" from the resulting menu

3) choose "Choose another app" from the sub-menu

4) in the pop-up window, choose the program you want to be the default

5) THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP: check the "Always use this app to open..." box

6) hit the "OK" button

7) You might have to scroll down to find it, and if it's not on that first list, then you might have to click "More apps ↓" to get an expanded list. If it's not available anywhere, you may be able to find the program after clicking "Look for another app on this PC," or, the desired program may not be installed. Let us know & we'll take a look in person =)