Google Docs - Upload & Sharing

Submitted 9/20/2012 by Scott Hall


We have had many questions this year about using Google Docs, which is fantastic. Since we are now using GMail you all now have access to Google Docs by going to (amongst many other ways)
One question that we have had a lot of is if documents that you have created on your computer can be uploaded toGoogle Docs. You can upload almost any document that you have on your computer to Google Docs for easy sharing and editing. Google can take Pages, Office Documents(MS, Open, Libre, etc), Spreadsheets(MS, Open, Libre, etc), Presentations (MS, Open, Libre, etc), and many other formats that you are using and convert them. 
To learn more on uploading file into Google Docs please go here 
To learn more about sharing a Google Doc please go here
Thank you and I hope that you all have a wonderful day.